December 1-4, 2020 2020


As part of the 2020 Northeastern Regional convention, we are offering a virtual convention car kit.  While looking at our “NERX” logo we decided the initials resembled the reporting marks for a private owner freight car.  The name “Northeastern Refrigerator Express” followed very quickly.

 NERX never did exist, but it certainly could have.  The kit exists only in cyberspace- it needs you to make this car a physical entity.  In keeping with the spirit of sharing found on the internet and other virtual hobby get-togethers, there is no charge for this kit.  However, you are on your own to purchase the necessary materials and build the car, a good project for the many socially distanced days and evenings to come.

The classic car above is built using an Accurail 40’ dimensional data.  Their wood reefer is shown here, but an all- steel version is available for a later era. The modern car lettering scheme below is shown here on a generic 50’ mechanical refrigerator car.  Many suitable models are available.

Download Decal Artwork

Download Instructions