December 1-4, 2020 2020


Lowell National Park:   The showpiece of “2020” Be sure to check out our Lowell fan trips or visit the park on your own.  While you are there, be sure to get your Senior National  Park Pass.

Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce:  Our convention is being held in one of the most beautiful and historic areas of Massachusetts during the fall foliage season. Please plan on staying several extra  days for exploration.  This site will give you a head start.

Boston & Lowell Railroad:  Andy Reynolds sent in this link.  Learn more about the early railroads in the convention vicinity and look for a clinic describing them.

Operations Special Interest Group:  The NMRA OPSIG group is quite active and  very willing to lend a helping hand to those wishing to learn more about operating their own model railroad.  Be sure to sign up for a Mill City 2020 convention operating  session early- the slots fill up quickly.

Model Railroad Hobbyist:   This virtual hobby publication is free of charge and is filled with high quality content each month.

Trains.com: Kalmbach Publications’s umbrella web site.  If it’s about model trains  of every size or shape or scale, you can find it there.

Conway Scenic Railroad:   A good friend of the HUB Division, the Conway Scenic Railroad offers beautiful excursions and dinner trains through New  Hampshire’s White Mountains.  Be sure to visit their beautifully restored  station, railroad equipment collection and round house exhibits.

Signs, signs, signs:   Over fifteen hundred FREE downloadable signs for use on your model railroads.  Categorized images include many categories and eras.

RailDesign Services:    An unusual enterprise offering various design and visual services, including layout, herald, decal and web page design.  They also will build models from kits or from scratch in any scale.

Bar Mills Model Works:  Another friend of the HUB Division, owner Art Fahie sells a vast number of themed wood kits.  Offerings range from modestly priced beginner structures to complex projects for experts.  Also there is a growing line of detail parts and accessories.  Their site features many videos of tips and techniques.

Railway Design Associates:  The late owner, Rod Guthrie, was a close friend and mentor- one of the more creative people we’ve encountered in the hobby.  He was able to get the feel of handwork into injection molded kits, much like Alan Armitage did years ago for Revell Models.  Rod’s best kits are still available.

Our Virtual Banquet:     We may not be able to dine in person this year, but we can still enjoy these classic dining car recipes and pretend we are riding the rails.

NERX is free to all attendees.  If you like what you see, please consider making a donation to the Northeastern Region, NMRA.  All donations go to supporting the many programs in our various divisions. We are a non-profit organization and your donations are fully tax deductible.