December 1-4, 2020 2020



    Once the images for the entry have been created, NER Forms #100 and #101 will be filled out for each entry. A digital image of the filled out .pdf forms along with the supporting digital images will be submitted to the submission email address. Newer versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader will allow forms to be filled out and saved within the software.  Other software may be able to do this as well.  If this is not an option, the forms may be printed out on paper and scanned or photographed with a digital camera.  If a camera is used, please be sure to light the page evenly (outdoor open shade is recommended) and take care to square the image in the frame.  Take several shots to increase the probability of a clear copy.

    The Model Contest entry person will receive the entries, remove all information identifying the modeler, assign an entry number and then prepare the photos and documentation to be presented on the web. Entries must be received from November 1, 2020 until November 15, 2020. It will be acceptable to provide a ‘selfie’ photo of the modeler which can be displayed after the awards have been announced.

     Each submission will consist of the following: a digital image of completed form #100, a digital image of completed form #101, a digital image of the modeler, 1 to 4 digital images of the model to be entered. A separate submission must be made for each model entered. Model Contest entries should be submitted to: kenneth.may@comcast.net   

    Winner of the Motive Power category will be announced on December 1. Winner of the Rolling Stock category and Structure Category will be announced on December 2. Winner of the Display Category will be announced on December 3.

NER Form #100.pdf

NER Form #101.pdf

    Because of the unusual nature of this virtual contest, NO Merit Awards will be awarded to any submission.  Entry in this contest does not preclude entry into the traditional model contest planned for our live MillCity 21 NER convention.  Participants are encouraged to do so.